Why is Misophonia Education Important?

Why is Misophonia Education Important?

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There are few feelings worse than powerlessness. Unfortunately, many parents of misophonia kids are too familiar with this feeling: powerless to fix their child’s sound sensitivity, while we wait for research to find a cure. This can be particularly frustrating as parents’ online searches for potential treatments, coping skills, and scientific information on the disorder often come up inaccurate, confusing, or empty. In order to remedy this issue, and continue to spread scientifically proven information on misophonia, the International Misophonia Research Network team has conducted educational webinars through Duke University, and is now providing workshops to clincians, parents, teachers and sufferers. Anyone who has listened in to past events and classes knows that there is nothing more empowering than learning about the disorder from those at the forefront of research.

For parents and practitioners, staying up to date on research, and retaining an understanding of how clinicians can help, is critically important. This allows parents to suitably advocate for their children, and clinicians to ethically work with clients. Empower yourself with knowledge by signing up at the link below.

Education, such as workshops, and accurate up to date research news is helpful because it changes the narrative and provides useful every day tips for coping with misophonia. Through advocacy and education we can triumph.

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