Shaylynn Hayes

Shaylynn Hayes is the Co-Director of Misophonia Education, and acts in a Producer role for the workshops, classes, and other technical factors of Misophonia Education. Shaylynn is a web, graphic, and print designer (Honours Diploma in Creative Digital Media) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. In the future, Shaylynn hopes to become a clinician and follow the principles of RRR. Shaylynn is also an advocate for misophonia, mental illness education, OCD, and writes several books. As part of her advocacy work, Shaylynn helps run several online communities including an OCD and Misophonia subreddit and discord, as well as a social network for misophonia. Shaylynn and Jennifer started working together in 2015 and co-created the news and advocacy site Misophonia International.

As a misophonia advocate, Shaylynn has written for numerous publications, including: The Huffington Post, Different Brains, Physician’s Weekly, The Mighty, as well as many more.

Shaylynn is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books including Full of Sound and Fury: Living With Misophonia, Acceleration, How We Survive Ourselves, and the poetry anthology The World Breaks Everyone.

In her personal life, Shaylynn loves books, reading, water, and the stars. She is a proud cat mom, and lives with her amazing partner in Canada.