Misophonia Education For Parents

misophonia education for parentsWe provide workshops and e-conferences for parents of children and teens with misophonia. Our goal is to help parents their children grow with misophonia and utilize coping skills.


Things you should know as a parent:

  • Misophonia is real, and it is not psychological (it is neurophysiological).
  • Your children or teens are not “over-reacting” to sounds/stimuli, they are having a physiological fight/flight response.
  • Children and teens are not using misophonia as a way to “control” the classroom or home to exert power.
  • Helping your child/teen with misophonia is challenging, but there are options available.
  • Kids avoiding the classroom or family events (ie. frequent bathroom breaks etc) with misophonia are not just trying to slack off, they likely need time to calm down (reset their nervous system to handle stimuli).

These events will provide:

  • A basic understanding of misophonia including the brain basis and the highlights of accurate scientific research on misophonia.
  • Practical advice for a classroom setting for Elementary to High School as well as special considerations for College.
  • Coping skills for children and teens with misophonia.
  • A multidisplinary approach to coping skills for kids/teens with misophonia.


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