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These resources are designed for parents, educators, and doctors to understand misophonia. By printing these files, you can bring them with you to help explain misophonia to your co-parents, family members, clinicians, and help advocate for your child. As a lesser-known disorder, advocating misophonia can be hard – and that’s why we want to help!


The Misophonia Guide For Parents features coping tips, information kids with misophonia, and practical advice for misophonia parents. Ideal for explaining misophonia to your significant other, or for learning about ways to help your child cope with misophonia.

The Misophonia Guide for Doctors and Clinicians is perfect to print out and bring with you to your first appointment with a MD, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Audiologist or other Counselor. With a research and clinician-based approach to misophonia this brief guide can help explain misophonia sufficiently.

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