An Introduction to Misophonia for Clinicians

An Introduction to Misophonia for Clinicians

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This course is for clinicians and misophonia treatment providers. It provides an overview of misophonia, and the basics of misophonia research and coping skills with the most current and to date research available. The format is in video recordings. If you have watched some of the presentations in the past, feel free to only watch those you have not yet seen.

Participants of this course are eligible to be listed on the Misophonia Provider Network as a treatment provider.

Please note that passing the final exam (80% is a pass) is a requirement of this course. It is recommended you view as many presentations as possible to get a wide overview of misophonia. Some presentations might have repetitive sections, however, anything that is repeated is generally very important!

You can come back and review these materials at any time even after completion of the course. Please note, at this time we do not offer CEUs as Misophonia is a newly recognized condition.

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