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What is Sensory Over-Responsivity (SPD-SOR)?

Sensory processing involves the reception of and automatic neurobiological responding to stimuli from the outside environment (Brown, Tollefson, Dunn, Cromwell & Fillion, 2001). The proposition that we learn through our senses has been widely accepted within the fields of mental health and child development for over half a century. For example, Piaget (1958) described how…
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Misophonia from a Social Worker’s Perspective

Misophonia is a disorder in which certain sounds trigger emotional and or physical responses that others may consider irrational. It is mainly self-diagnosed because finding a health care practitioner that will diagnose or treat, is a huge challenge. Finding a mental health care practitioner to diagnose and treat is impossible. Why is that? Misophonia is…
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Misophonia Literature Review

Investigating Misophonia: A Review of the Empirical Literature, Clinical Implications, and a Research Agenda Misophonia is a neurobehavioral syndrome phenotypically characterized by heightened autonomic nervous system arousal and negative emotional reactivity (e. g., irritation, anger, anxiety) in response to a decreased tolerance for specific sounds. The aims of this review are to (a) characterize the…
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Frequently Asked Misophonia Questions

What Causes Misophonia? We don’t know the underlying causes of Misophonia, although there are numerous areas of speculation. There may be many causes for sound sensitivity or auditory over sensitivity. Is it Neurological or Psychological or Auditory? Misophonia does not appear to be “psychological” in nature (i.e. arising in the mind) versus physiological (i.e. having…
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confusion surrounding misophonia

Sorting Through Confusion About Misophonia

Confusion. If I were to choose a word that perfectly explains the world of Misophonia, advocacy, and the pursuit of answers (particularly on Google Search), the word I would choose is without a doubt, confusion. The waters are often muddied by misinformation. Like all things in the modern world, Misophonia has been branded – however,…
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Why is Misophonia Education Important?

There are few feelings worse than powerlessness. Unfortunately, many parents of misophonia kids are too familiar with this feeling: powerless to fix their child’s sound sensitivity, while we wait for research to find a cure. This can be particularly frustrating as parents’ online searches for potential treatments, coping skills, and scientific information on the disorder…
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What is Misophonia?

Misophonia is a neurological disorder in which auditory, and sometimes visual stimuli, cause an individual to go into the fight/flight response. This reaction occurs in relation to sounds and sights that other people typically would not notice. Common sounds that individuals with Misophonia find disruptive are chewing, keyboard tapping, throat-clearing, coughing, water-dripping from a tap and more.…
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