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  • Duke Quarterly Research Update
  • 9/25/2020-12:0
  • 9/25/2020-13:0
  • The Duke Quarterly research update.
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  • Misophonia & Co-Occurring Disorders
  • 10/27/2020-19:0
  • 10/27/2020-20:30
  • Event will be on zoom.
  • This workshop will focus on Misophonia's relationship with co-occurring disorders, per current research. This workshop is ideal for clinicians, educators, parents, and misophonia sufferers. The following topics will be discussed during this workshop: Autism Sensory Processing Disorder OCD Auditory Disorders Other mental illnesses
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  • Coping with Misophonia: Sensation and Emotion
  • 11/12/2020-19:0
  • 11/12/2020-20:30
  • Event will be on zoom.
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