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Whether you’re a parent, adult with misophonia, or a clinician, we’ve got you covered.

Join a Misophonia Education event with Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout and learn coping skills, psychoeducation, and how to manage misophonia on a daily basis. There is no treatment for misophonia, but it can be managed and there is hope. We have classes for clinicians, parents of misophonia sufferers, families, and adults with misophonia.

I built this class because so many people were contacting me and wanting to know my approach for coping skills and I was thinking of a way to make it more affordable for parents [and clinicians] than recurring counseling sessions because parents helping their children have so much power to help their child cope, especially since there are so few providers for misophonia coping skills.

— Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout

Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout 

Jennifer Jo Brout is the Director of the International Misophonia Research Network). She is a New York State Certified School Psychologist, a Connecticut Professional Licensed Counselor, and holds a Doctorate in School/Clinical-Child Psychology. Disappointed by her own experiences with the state of the field when seeking help for her own child in 1999, Dr. Brout began efforts to establish better research practice, improved diagnosis, and innovative clinical practice related to auditory over-responsivity. Dr. Brout has been at the forefront of research in this area for over 18 years, having established the Sensation and Emotion Network (SENetwork) in 2007, along with Sensory Processing and Emotion Regulation Program at Duke University in 2008 (now the Misophonia and Emotion Regulation Program. She graduated from New York University, Columbia University, and Ferkauf School of Psychology (at Albert Einstein School of Medicine) respectively. She is also the mother of adult triplets, and is a Misophonia sufferer herself.

What is Regulate, Reason, Reassure?

Regulate, Reason, Reassure is a coping skills program and manual for parents, clinicians, and adults to help manage misophonia. RRR was developed by Dr. Jennifer Brout through her own experiences as a clinician, a sufferer of misophonia, and the mother of an adult child who showed signs of misophonia at a young age. Through online classes and the book manual, RRR provides the tools to help mediate misophonia and provides easy to follow guidelines and work sheets to ensure parents, clinicians, and adults with misophonia have the skills to continue practicing RRR.

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