Misophonia Education is proud to host presentations in partnership with the Duke Center for Misophonia and Emotion (CMER).

The Duke Center for Misophonia and Emotion Regulation (CMER) is actively conducting clinical research on misophonia, providing education to the public, and evaluating patients with treatment and management recommendations about misophonia. Given how little is known about misophonia, the opportunities for discovery and improved care are virtually limitless.

Presentations are often led by Dr. Zach Rosenthal and include interesting guests.

Research is one of the core tenets of our mission at the Center for Misophonia & Emotion Regulation. We desire to continually expand our knowledge and understanding of how to best help individuals with Misophonia. Our research efforts span the continuum from measure development to laboratory studies and clinical studies, all in an effort to understand with more precision what it is, how it is related to problems with emotion regulation, and what can be done to improve the lives of people with Misophonia.
— Duke CMER Website 


Our upcoming presentations with Duke: